No bags. No filters. No dust.

Clean naturally with Hydrovac's water filtration system.

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The HydroVac Difference

Hydrovac's powerful water filtration system traps dirt and odors, and purifies the air as you clean.

Indoors or out. Wet or dry. Hydrovac does it all.

No vacuum bags!

Liquids & Spills

All types of floors

Powerful suction

Our SPECIAL Hydro-Filtration System

Our water filtration system optimizes suction power and filtration to remove hard-to-clean messes. HydroVac™ also helps with disposal of dust and dirt without spreading germs in the air!


Wraps over food with our super-stretchy lid. After washing in the dishwasher (or with hot water) our special elastic straitens itself & goes back to normal. Use SKINNY STACKS™ over and over again; save money and reduce plastic waste!"


Keep your food fresh and organized in the fridge! No foil, no plastic wrap and no freezer-burn. Great for meat and vegetables. When you are ready to eat, just remove the lid and use as a plate.

Made with high quality durable materials, SKINNY STACKS™ can go right from the freezer, to the microwave, to the fridge, and then right into the dishwasher!

Easy as that, keep your food fresh for days! Our special silicone cover pushes air out and keeps left-overs fresh. Neatly store SKINNY STACKS™ with our unique stacking design.

The fastest and easiest way to keep your meals stacked and organized. Get the most out of your fridge space with the original silicone food storage device; specifically designed to save you space.

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We're so confident Skinny Stacks will become your favorite storage solution, you can try it for 30 days risk free! If you don't love it, just send it back!

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Joy Gonsalez   - 13 JAN 2021, 12:21

"As a personal trainer, Skinny Stacks has helped me keep my food prep longer and my portions even easier to have on the go. I love it!"

Michael Taylor   -   3 JAN 2021, 14:42

"I have a medium size fridge and keeping food storage is a nightmare if you have a family with young children. Skinny Stacks maximizes our space and helps me to easily organize throughout the week. "

Robert Anderson   -  12 SEPT 2020, 14:42

"As a vegetarian, I like to keep certain vegetables fresh as long as possible to mix and match with meals. Skinny Stacks helps me to travel from work to home while keeping my food fresh and with a small footprint."