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Just Right Cushion


Once upon a time, we called this product "The Wedgie" because you can wedge it in anywhere. We thought that name was awesome and congratulated ourselves for being so clever.

Turns out, everyone else thought the name was stupid. Whatever.

So we changed the name to Just Right Cushion, which if we're being honest is about as boring as it gets for a product name, yet at the same time is surprisingly accurate.

It's a cushion. It's a pillow. You'll want it.

Just Right Cushion's sectional tubular design allows it to be formed into a variety of shapes to support seated and reclining positions. It maintains its shape without snapping back, and molds itself to any body shape and position. Our pillow is the "save your back, tushy and neck" kind-of cushion.

Want a back cushion with lumbar control? Just fold once or twice. Neck hurts laying down? Still hurts sitting up? Fold it where it's the most comfortable.

There's no reason to buy a separate neck pillow, seat cushion, or back support pad when you can get the exact comfort level you need with Just Right Cushion.

Use it at home, at the office, or in the car. Use it to sit-up in bed, and fold one, two, or three of the tubes to adjust to your height. Just Right Cushion is great for car trips and other extended travels. Why? Because we've all tried getting comfortable with a “regular” pillow in a car; it just doesn’t work and you end up walking around like freakin Frankenstein or the zombies on The Walking Dead or something. But you can fold the Just Right Cushion a couple times, wedge it in, and get comfy.

The key to a comfortable sitting or lying position is reducing the amount of muscle tension on your back & neck, and Just Right Cushion accomplishes this through the sectional tubular design. I mean, just look at it. You can tell from the photos it's going to be comfortable. 

So back to the "Wedgie" story for a minute...

When this item ships, it usually goes out in a box that says "Just Right Cushion" on it. But, every once in a while, someone will get one in a box that says "The Wedgie", and usually they're all like "What the heck is this, I ordered a Just Right Cushion?!". If this happens, don't freak out -- it's the right product, you just got one of the original limited edition boxes. 

And who knows, maybe it will be a collector's item some day. Probably not. Either way, it sure is comfortable.