Swift Blade - 5 Piece Set

  • Swift Blade - 5 Piece Set

Swift Blade - 5 Piece Set


Swift Blade's one-of-a-kind non-stick design offers unparalleled cutting and precision with every slice, gliding through any material it cuts.

The stainless steel used for Swift Blade is compressed under seven tons of pressure and is precisely sharpened and aligned using the latest laser technology. The blades are forged into an extremely sharp knife and embedded with our unique rhombus pattern in the process -- this pattern delivers a new cutting experience by reducing friction while preventing your ingredients from sticking to the blade!

Swift Blade is equipped with an ergonomically-designed handle that fits comfortably in your hand, while providing excellent grip and slip resistance, even when your hands are wet. There's also a finger guard at the hell of the blade, and a reinforced spine throughout the handle for additional safety under high pressure.

The Swift Blade five piece set includes:

  • Chef's Knife - 8" Blade
  • Universal Knife - 8" Blade
  • Ham Knife - 8.2" Blade
  • Vegetable/Pairing Knife - 4" Blade
  • Fillet Knife - 5.3" Blade

Swift Blade is strong enough for ribs, yet gentle enough for tomatoes; cut in one go, without pressure, without squeezing. Dishwasher safe.