Kickerball Breakaway Target
Kickerball Breakaway Target
Kickerball Breakaway Target

Kickerball Breakaway Target

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Improve your accuracy, and have more fun with the Kickerball Breakaway Targets. Built for convenience with a hook and loop fastener, these targets will strap onto any goalpost, tree, pole, fence, and more. Each target is constructed with strong magnetic strips that hold the two halves together. The bottom half breaks away on impact, confirming a direct hit, and easily reattaches back into place using magnetic technology.

Simply place it onto the target base, and it will snap right into place. These breakaway targets are meant for multi-sport use. Practice your soccer kicks, football passes, baseball throws, and hockey slapshots anywhere you go. A great gift for boys and girls of all ages. Practice accuracy training and have more fun at the same time. These targets give you something to aim at no matter what is around.

A must have item for all KickerBall enthusiasts. Curve, swerve, and bend right into the breakaway targets for the best trickshots possible.

  • Magnetic strips hold the target together, enabling quick and easy reattachment. When a ball hits the target, the breakaway piece will separate from the target base. Simply join the target back onto the base, and it will snap right into place.

  • The hook and loop fastener easily straps onto any size goal post, as well as poles, trees, fencing, and more. This enables a variety of uses anywhere you go. Great for the backyard, or down at the ball field. These breakaway targets make practice fun and help improve accuracy for kids of all ages and skill levels.

  • Practice scoring goals into the corners of the net. Improve your football passing and baseball throwing/pitching accuracy. Work on hockey slapshots. These breakaway targets can be used all year long. Great gift and toy for boys and girls of all ages.

  • For all KickerBall and trickshot enthusiasts. These magnetic breakaway targets always give you something to aim at. Unique aerodynamic materials allow you to effortlessly generate extreme curves and bends with KickerBall. Curve, swerve, and bend the overpowering KickerBall right into these targets for some awesome trickshots.