Super Comfortable & soft

* Cuddle and play!

* With LED Light-Up eyes

* Available in Unicorn & Dinosaur

* Perfect for sleepovers, reading at night and hanging out with family

Stay Toasty

Ready to go, any time, any place. Explore your way in the dark, use your imagination with Bright Eyes Blanket and create the most fascinating stories! Play along in the age of dinosaurs or become a unique one of a kind pink unicorn that lights up it's world through it's eyes.


Roll your Bright Eyes Blanket for easy travel, store it anywhere, and use it as a pillow when it's not being used as a blanket. Play with friends and light up the dark with your buddies, hide and seek with Bright Eyes!

Warm, Cozy, Fun!

Heavy duty stitching to ensure it withstands heavy use. Cute, Cuddly fun! ready for a bedtime story? make sure you have your Bright Eyes Blanket ready!

Fun to wear

Whether it's a buddy for bedtime or a cuddly blanket for watching TV or reading, bright eyes is ideal comfort

Magical Friends

Cozy-up with your parents and enjoy unlimited hours of fun with Bright Eyes! or fold it up to be used as a pillow.

Step into an adventure

Can be worn as a hoodie. Time to go to bed, read a story and explore magical worlds with your imagination

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